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About Us

Established in 2019, Foxiie Trends is a fashion jewelry brand, dealing majorly in beautifully crafted imitation jewelry for women and girls. Like every other successful brand, Foxiie Trends also started with a striking idea, an idea that later became the foundation stone of what Foxiie Trends is today.


The brand founders, Urwashee Saxena, and Rahul Mathur observed that many experienced craftsmen invest their precious talent and time without even knowing the true value of their works. As a result, together, they selected the best talents and put them into the work inspired by new trends, culture, and what this world loves, and offered those master craftsmen the value they deserve.

Urwashee Saxena

Urwashee Saxena & Rahul Mathur

Co-founders at Foxiie
Today, Foxiie Trends delivers thousands of stunning and unique jewelry products that are loved and appreciated by hundreds of customers all over the world.
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A journey, from
Impression to Expression

We are what we experience, and every experience leaves a distinct impression on us. Each item at Foxiie Trends is a product of such raw, absolute, and unique impressions deep-rooted in our hearts.

Inspired by these impressions, we craft products that are clear manifestations of our true selves. In other words, we help you to express yourself in the most beautiful and artistic way.

Acquiring Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from our impressions. And new experiences drive our impressions. Since we always strive for most subtle to huge experiences, our designs and art never get old.

Finishing Touch

Now the product is the closest to reality. A final finishing touch is required to make sure every edge, shape, and design is perfect. It takes a master craftsman to turn simple things into masterpieces.

Surfacing Ideas

We draw, erase, amend, and repeat until we find something that resonates with our ideas, thoughts, and emotions. In other words, we start giving our masterpieces their first shape.

Quality Assurance

Every product at Foxiie Trends has to go through several rigorous and meticulous quality assurance tests to make sure the final product you receive is a creation of perfection.



Here the product starts building its own identity. With every maneuver of our artists, the product slowly moves from an intangible concept to a tangible reality that ultimately will express more than a thousand words.

All Yours

After so many rigorous processes, the final product is ready for you to cherish and express. We love to see these products slowly making their place in the lives of our customers.

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It’s Our Promise

At Foxiie Trends, we take our promises very seriously. We believe that if you are putting your trust in our products and services, it is our duty to respect them in the highest regard.

Optimum Quality

Optimum Quality

Excellent Craftsmanship

Excellent Craftsmanship

Reasonable Prices

Reasonable Prices

100% Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction

New in the Business, Old in the Craftsmanship

Not just in craftsmanship, we are old in our core values too. We believe in trust, respect, and our promises we make. And every value we care about shows in our products are services we offer to our customers.

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