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How to clean your jewelry during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Well, COVID is here, it’s become a prior duty to wash our hands frequently and carefully and advise others for the same. Nowadays, people wear masks less with jewelry, especially women. Although it’s done for our safety that we have to follow. But, somewhere in the time of the pandemic, the craze of wearing jewellery is still there. It’s in our vein and ritual that people do and follow.

But, wearing jewelry can be a caution of inviting viruses into your home and body. So, it’s highly advisable to clean your jewelry during the coronavirus outbreak, wisely. It is because daily-wear accessories like necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings, anklets, and others can be a hidden place for germs and an opportunity for carriers for the virus that the world is bowing down to it. When you get a chance to wash your hands or take a bath, make sure you clean your jewelry as well. Speaking of cleaning jewelry, here are some tips you can follow to keep yourself clean and safe.

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Avoid heavy jewelry

While some love to wear standard and limelight weight jewelry whereas some love to get gorgeous with heavy accessories. But, in these times, it’s advisable to keep it minimal with jewelry at home. Circumvent wearing semi-precious and precious stones and jewelry at homes, as they can be tough to clean.

Don't use a sanitizer

While instead of washing hands through causal soaps, it’s advisable to use a sanitizer for instant cleaning of your home and killing germs or viruses. But, if you are too passionate about fashion and like wearing accessories all-time, then don't use a sanitizer as it could damage your jewels. Probably, there is a possibility that an alcohol-based cleaning subject can damage your precious accessories.

Take off your jewels before washing

This is recommended by professionals though to remove your accessories whether it is not a jewelry item because germs, soap, and even lotion can collect under them and even behind the stones. So it’s best to remove the jewelry first. Hence, take them off and wash them before wearing them.

Wash it with lukewarm water

Cleaning result doesn’t properly come out when cleaning jewelry with cold water of standard one. One of the often, yet, best ways to clean your jewelry is with mild soap separately and warm water.

Also, now, wash your hands following the 20-second rule and let them dry, suggests Foxiie Jeweler, a leading artificial jewelry brand.

Now, I am sure you likely follow this hashtag rule of cleaning jewelry. These tips readily help you clean your jewelry at best and ensure zero germs outbreak. Especially, in these times, it’s advisable to wear minimal jewelry at home while following all WHO COVID-19 prevention rules.

“Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy” – A gratitude message from Foxiie Trends a Leading Fashion Jewelry Online store!


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